To participate in the game Rocketon, players place bets before the game starts, then wait until the rocket starts to rise. When the rocket takes off, the odds will also begin to grow until the Rocket explodes (the growth of the odds may stop at any moment, that is the Rocket explosion can happen at any moment).

If the player has clicked on the button to exit the game before that, then he/she wins with the corresponding odds. If the player has not clicked on the button before the explosion occurs, then he/she loses. The winning is calculated according to the player’s bet amount multiplied by the winning odds.


While playing the game Rocketon, players can make bets both in “Manual” and “Auto” modes.



The procedure of placing bets in “Manual” mode


In “Manual” mode the bet is made by the player. To make a bet, the player needs to specify the bet amount in the field provided for betting and click on the play button. With the start of the round, the multiplier begins to grow from odds of 1.00, until the Rocket explosion. The player needs to click on the button to exit the game before the Rocket explodes.


In order not to enter the bet amount manually, there is a special section where the player can click on the desired available amount, based on which the bet amount will be specified.


After clicking on the play button, the player waits until the start of the round.


Players can also use the auto-exit feature, which allows them to automatically transfer winnings to the game account, if the marked odds are registered before the explosion occurred. For example, when the odds of 2 are specified in the feature’s field, and the game odds rise and exceed the specified odds (i.e. the explosion does not occur before 2), the system automatically takes the player out of the game with the winning odds of 2. When the player wants to use the auto-exit feature, he/she turns on the switch button beforehand (which activates the feature) and sets odds in the feature’s field, at which he/she wants to automatically exit the game.


This feature does not deprive the player of the opportunity to exit the game independently, i.e. if the player has enabled the auto-exit feature and entered preferred odds, then he/she can click on the exit the game button independently at any time before the explosion occurs and the growth reaches the specified odds. In this case, the winning is counted according to the odds made manually and not by the odds mentioned in the feature’s field. It is not allowed to change the odds in the feature’s field after the start of the round.



The procedure of placing bets in “Auto” mode


Players can also play the game Rocketon in “Auto” mode. By switching to “Auto” mode, the player defines the betting options, based on which in each round the system automatically makes a bet instead of him.


In this case, the player independently presses the exit button, however, the player also has the option to pre-enable the auto-exit feature in the “Auto” mode with the desired coefficient, so that the system automatically takes the player out of the game, but in this case also, the player is not deprived of the opportunity to press the exit button.



The procedure of conducting the game


With the start of the round, the multiplier begins to grow from odds of 1.00 until the Rocket explosion occurs. If someone does not manage to make a bet in time, then the round starts without the given player, but the player is allowed to make a bet for the next round.


Those players who have come out of the game by clicking on the auto-exit button or activated the auto-exit feature with the odds registered before the Rocket exploded, win. The winner multiplies his/her bet amount by the odds of the moment when he/she clicked on the exit button. After the end of the round (that is when the explosion occurs), the player who has not managed to come out of the round in time (has not managed to click on the exit button) loses.


If the player is playing with auto-exit feature, regardless of whether he/she has an Internet connection or not, after the moment when the system has accepted the player's bet, the auto-exit feature works exactly as the player has set (this happens on the server).


If Internet connection problems have arisen on the player’s side or because of the operator who provides the Internet connection, i.e. not by the organizer’s fault, then the information fixed on the organizer’s server is taken as a basis. Players can play with the auto-exit feature during the game to avoid the above mentioned problems.


The odds at which the Rocket explosion occurs can be both whole and fractional numbers (for example 21.23). They are determined not at the moment of the game, but 5 rounds in advance. After the end of the round, players are given an opportunity to make sure that the odds are set before the round, not at the moment of the game.